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Pear Crisp

Today after dinner I was craving something distinctly autumn-y.  The weather was really the first chilly day since summer.  I happened to have a pear in the fridge, so I made some modded pear crisps in the oven.

Calories: 57  Carbs: 11  Fat: 2  ; per serving

For five servings:

1 pear

4 tbs roller oats

1 tbs brown sugar, packed

2 tbs lemon juice

1 tbs fake butter spread 


vanilla extract 


- Preheat oven to 350

- Dice pear into bite sized chunks and place them in a cupcake pan.  My pear was 5 slots worth (so 5 servings). Pour a small amount of water over the pears so that they don’t dry out while baking.  A small amount!

- In a microwave safe bowl combine oats, brown sugar, butter, and lemon juice.  Microwave for 10-15 seconds, then mix with spoon. 

- Add cinnamon and vanilla extract according to your own preferences.  I added about four conservative shakes of cinnamon and 3 drops of vanilla. Mix well. 

- Spoon mixture over pears and bake for 35ish minutes, or until pears are soft and tender. 

I ate mine with a dollop of reduced fat whipped cream. :D

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